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EQuis have a long history of helping technology businesses address the evolving needs and opportunities emergent in the Education sector. Projects may encompass research, marketing, sales campaigns, demonstrators, customer community development, event management and, for technology that’s been successful in other sectors, product development.

Market Research example: 3000 emails x 3 distributions with a different message each time followed up by 300 telephone calls provided enough feedback and data to gauge market need, likely sales, price point and investment levels for a new assessment APP.

Marketing Campaign:  Flyer design and distribution to selected School Business Managers to raise awareness of new Risk Evaluation and Management system.

Seeding Project: Development of free ‘lite’ version of industrial level database development tool with curriculum content to encourage users to become familiar with the brand.

Appointment Setting Campaign: Email and telemarketing campaign to set up meetings with CPD leaders to discuss needs and video recording solutions. Training of staff for this purpose.

After Sales and Customer Community Development Programme: Building customer contact and user information data for licensed video storage system. Setting up events and support forums for customers.

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