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EQuis is a one-stop shop for all (nearly) things Education. Through a huge range of experience in delivering technology and consultancy solutions in schools we have come to really understand the ever changing and broad ranging demands that schools’ leaders, especially their Business Managers, face. EQuis not only sources the best technology, expertise, and skills development programmes to suit your needs, it also manages the whole process for you from sales decision, to delivery, implementation planning, training support, and the all-important adoption strategy.

Input varies according to needs and budgets but often starts with a short low-cost sample workshop meeting for a few key people, or, if the issue requires a whole-school solution we spend an hour or so with the HT and Senior Leaders and ask some – often tough – questions. Here are some examples of the types of projects we have delivered:

For Teachers and TAs – Teaching and Learning: Using video, film clubs, feedback, student engagement, assessment, SEN, using data, collaborative learning, classroom and behaviour management etc…

Middle Leader Development: Observation, coaching strategies, behaviour management leadership, risk management, progress monitoring etc..

For SLT – Risk Management Process Management and Training: Education has traditionally focussed on ‘health and safety’ but Risk Management is now much more about controlling all potential threats to the objectives of the organisation including those posed to financial, strategic, operational and reputational quality. EQuis saves time and money by providing administrative, management and reporting support for smaller academies and schools that may lack the expertise and resources to ensure robust management of the Risk Register creation process

For SLT – Online Learning Content Development and Platform Creation: Academies and schools are building development and learning materials and video resources for their in-house colleagues and colleagues in related schools. EQuis provides the online platform, tools and secure sharing mechanisms to enable effective reflection, collaboration and learning. The technology we use for this is IRIS Connect.

For SLT (Business Manager) – Marketing Services: EQuis Branding service can advise on cost effective design, and supply collateral, logos, brochures, magazines and all related – and unrelated – marketing and stationery at the best price available.

So whether its a challenge relating to the whole school, a department or an individual you can discuss it – professionally and in confidence – with Eddie Gardner directly on o7850 999599.

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