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IRIS Connect

IRIS Connect is an integration of Iris Classroom Capture equipment and a feature rich web platform for supporting CPD.

IRIS Connect for education

The research evidence is irrefutable – immediate feedback through real-time coaching, and collaboration around video clips of teaching and learning, have the biggest impact on skills development of any form of CPD.

(Click here for the research)

(Click here to watch Mike Fleetham doing remote live coaching)

What’s more is that IRIS Connect is ‘Cloud-Based’ much in the same way as your bank account is. This means i) that members of your community can access your personal and shared videos – with your permission of course – from any computer anytime, and ii) you can observe and coach from the next room or from anywhere in the world!

What you can do…



Review and annotate on the timeline

Share and configure

Create whole lesson packs and training materials

  • Add PowerPoints, lesson plans and other resources to associate with your recordings to develop a library of lessons and training courses


  • two-way live audio link between a coach and the teacher in the classroom provides support where it is most relevant and most likely to ‘stick’

Gather student feedback

  • the same two-way audio equipment allows the students, for example G & T or EAL pupils, to comment live on their learning and progress – and it can all be recorded, stored and shared with the video to provide evidence to support research and further collaboration

Network over distance

  • your feeder, alliance, federated, partner, twinned and associated schools; your consultants, governors, trainers, advisors, University colleagues and other external partners can communicate, conference, comment and share with you, each other and the broader IRIS community over the IRIS Connect Network

IRIS Connect for business

There are dozens of ways to use IRIS to save money and ensure a healthy ROI. Just imagine…

Hundreds of your sales people watching a master salesman live whilst the head of sales training makes comments – written, audio or by webcam video – that are searchable on the timeline during playback.

Talking through an ear-piece to a trainee salesperson 100 miles away whilst you watch, listen and make notes.

Having a searchable library of hundreds of tagged clips that colleagues can access in their own time to upskill themselves on a particular technique or new product.

See the potential? We are operating in more than 450 schools and a dozen or so businesses. We’re young, keen and looking for partners in a variety of sectors to help us develop an even better product.

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