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Video Library Creation

Let us create a video library for you

Why create video?

Examples of previously created video librariesThe most effective way to improve skills is to relate content theory and process directly to the context in which the learner will use them, i.e. recorded or live video enables learners to see theory in action.

Additionally, internet technology allows trainers, coaches or mentors to communicate directly with learners over distance in real-time – and it’s no longer prohibitively expensive.

The service

Businesses and schools need to train their people in a range of professional and personal skills to make them effective. But:

  • they may not see the value in purchasing the necessary technology, or
  • they may not have the HR time or expertise to create a video library.

This service is a short term, cost effective alternative to purchasing hardware and user licenses that work well for volume users.

Our expertise, equipment, IRIS Connect webtools and individual client customised web interface enable organisations to deliver small scale focused skills development programmes at a relatively low-cost and with all the hassle handled externally.


  • Training video production
  • Editing, tagging, blurring, annotation, etc
  • Teaching, training and learning
  • Video and sound streaming
  • Video conferencing
  • Project management


  • Advanced purpose built portable non-invasive internet camera for live-view and two way audio communication
  • Sony Touch camcorder system for additional sound track and constant focus
  • Integrated wireless lapel mics and in-ear speakers
  • Laptop for remote view and pan tilt zoom operation
  • Secure web servers


  • Model good technique
  • Training, coaching
  • Reflective learning
  • Peer discussion and review
  • Performance criteria, management and feedback
  • Online meetings; record meetings
  • Group collaboration and training
  • Analysis and research
  • Portfolio evidence
  • Personal CV
  • Efficiency monitoring
  • Learn from home
  • Work from home in other time-zones

IRIS Connect Web Tools

  • Your own personalised online library and individual user accounts
  • Upload; tagged storage; search and playback
  • Permission protected libraries
  • Online collaboration and tools
  • Comment; video and audio notation
  • Counter and timer data collection (downloadable to .csv, .pdf etc.)
  • Integrated customisable performance management and assessment forms

How does it work?

Step 1. Contact us to call to discuss needs, purpose and numbers (of videos, of categories, of people, of sites etc.)

Step 2. Project proposal (dates, places, desired outcomes, deliverables, and agreed cost)

Step 3. Delivery

Step 4. Review

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