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Real-Time Coaching

Live Contextualised Coaching is, by some way, the most effective way of changing behaviour and developing professional skills in adults – TRUE!

Coaching using recorded video (Time-Shift Coaching) is the next best thing, BUT both methods are only useful IF YOU HAVE A GREAT COACH!

Internet camera and in-ear speaker technology can now link an expert with a learner in real-time and in the learner’s workplace. IRIS Connect has made this not only reliable but also affordable.

EQUIS can…..

Work directly with your staff to develop skills and build confidence through video/audio over distance*

Train your own leaders to coach and mentor colleagues using appropriate technology

Provide Time-Shift Coaching over distance using shared video and IRIS tools

(*Of course relationships are important. Learners need to have confidence and trust in their coach so there is always an introductory meeting to ‘break ice’ and establish methods and purpose).

Watch Mike Fleetham Doing it!

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