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EQuis provides access to a huge breadth and depth of talent across a range of specialisms from CPD to Risk Management, Use and Processing of Data, Curriculum Development, Behaviour Management, Technology and SEND. If your organisation has an issue they’d like to address on a whole school, department or individual basis then we can almost certainly help.

John BayleyLead Consultant
John is a former ‘Outstanding Leader’ more recently acclaimed for his 70+ videos for Teachers TV. He is the Lead Consultant for London Challenge (Keys to Success) programme.
Graham HorsewoodSIP
Graham is a former HT of 5 schools (secondary/academy). More recently a SIP (with Ofsted qualification) providing data analysis, challenge and support to state and private sector schools.

  • Embarking on Change – Key Do’s & Dont’s
  • Typical Issues in Failing Schools
  • Using Current Knowledge + What Questions?
  • Comparing SIP and Interim Management Roles
  • Dealing with the Tail of Underachievement
Sara BubbSenior Lecturer
Sara leads England’s Advanced Skills Teacher network, training and quality assuring AST assessors. She has inspected 25 schools though her focus is staff development. Sara sits on the TDA journal’s editorial board and is a senior lecturer at the IoE. She has written several books on CPD and is a frequent TES columnist.

Topics discussed:

  • Working with Cutbacks
  • Value for Money Strategies
  • Using Effective Student Observation
  • Danger Signs
  • Cultures and Support
  • Outward Facing Links
Kevin PruntyExecutive Head
Kevin is the Executive Head of Cranform Community Academy in multi-cultural, multi-ethnic West London.

  • Developing a Leadership Team
  • Working in trios and Being Transparent
  • Holding it all Together
Liz RymerAssociate
Liz has been an Associate and Consultant HT and Programme Manager for Raising Achievement – London Challenge. She is Ofsted Inspector qualified and NPQH. She is a nationally recognised expert on the use of data in schools.

Topics discussed:

  • Understand the Data
  • Sources of Important Data
  • Managing the Data
  • What Teachers NEED to Know
  • Planning Lessons Around Data
  • Consulting Strategy
  • Collaborating with Other Schools
Trevor Averre-BeesonDirector of Education
Trevor is a former Head of two ‘turnaround’ secondary schools. He is currently Director of Education with Lilac Sky Schools.

Topics discussed are:

  • Using an external transformation team
  • Being Relentless
  • Case Example
  • Organisation and communication
  • Danger signs
  • Key transformational strategies

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