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What do we do?

For Academies and Schools:

You have a problem to address or you have a target to achieve but you don’t have the capacity – In terms of expertise, technology or personnel – to deliver an effective, sustainable solution. Professional Development and Training are always THE key factor in achieving success. EQuis has over 20 years high level Education experience in consultancy, technology, professional development, leadership and administrative support for schools – always with savings and efficiencies in mind.

For our Product and Service Partners

We provide the sales and development advice, market research, customer community support programmes, training and networking opportunities that add value for Education suppliers and start-ups.

For Commercial and Public Sector

Training, Collaboration and Development keeps businesses growing, healthcare providers up to speed, and public service professionals improving essential skills. EQuis has the people, technology and methodologies to bring objectives and vision to successful, sustainable reality.

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Inspirational speakers and trainers for all your INSET needs


IRIS Connect for CPD, InVentry Sign-In, CalQRisk for Managing Risk and more


Consulting Services for Technology Businesses, INSET and Consultancy for Academies, Schools and Colleges


Workshops, Online Help and Project Management

Our Clients Say

IRIS Connect

“With IRIS Connect, teachers can now see the lesson through the eyes of a colleague. That has transformed the effectiveness of coaching and observations at Cramlington.”

Ken Brechin, Asst HT, Cramlington Learning Village Comprehensive

IRIS Connect

“Staff already have the answers, they don’t need us to tell them anything. IRIS allows teachers to hold a mirror up to their own practice and gain a much deeper insight.”

Barry Blakelock, Assistant Head

Student Involvement and Classroom Management

“A brilliant and versatile trainer. I have no hesitation in recommending John Bayley. His particular strength is classroom management and he has helped turn around our student’s behaviour. He has also trained our prefects, Big Sisters and those girls involved in our Student Voice programme. His delivery is highly engaging – both staff and students look forward to CPD days with John.”

Catharine Loxton, Principal, Harris Academy Bermondsey

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